Step By Step Process to View the Google Apps User's Account List (Select Accounts)

How To Use Single Backup

Select the first option; Single Backup been ask for username & password

Click on Register button:

Now, Click on Next button



 How To Use Import CSV

Select the second option i.e. Import CSV for importing email id & password via CSV file which is manually created CSV file

Note: The CSV file must have Email ID & Password like in under screen:

Now, Select CSV file, Click Open

Click Import Button

After filling the entire information, you can view list of user's account to download items of their account, Click Next Button



 How To Use Domain Users

Select the third option i.e. Domain Users been ask for Email Address, Password

Now, Click Register Button

You will get the list of all users under the domain, now you need to provide ONLY the password for corresponding user accounts.

Now, Click Next Button